Monday Musings: It’s Spring Again!

After snow two days last week, a bit of warmer weather has returned. The dogwood in front of our townhouse is blooming nicely, and the daffodils are blooming. Let's hope it stays around this time! We are still under the stay at home restrictions due the COVID-19 pandemic. I realize people are getting antsy and … Continue reading Monday Musings: It’s Spring Again!

Monday Musings: And Another Week Bites the Dust

Boy, they seem to be rolling by fast, don't they? Of course, we were out of town for seven days, four of them on the road, so things are a bit disrupted in my brain right now. We also had the BaldMan needing to have a detached retina reattached and of course, he can't drive … Continue reading Monday Musings: And Another Week Bites the Dust