Monday Musings: And Another Week Bites the Dust

Boy, they seem to be rolling by fast, don’t they? Of course, we were out of town for seven days, four of them on the road, so things are a bit disrupted in my brain right now. We also had the BaldMan needing to have a detached retina reattached and of course, he can’t drive for a bit, so that put me in the chauffeur role when we got back. Oh, well, that’s just life sometimes, isn’t it? We do what needs doing.


The trip was good. We got to see a lot of people we haven’t in a number of years. I also got to meet a Deryni fan I’ve known online for a long time but never met in person. Turns out, they live in south Des Moines. That was a nice extra to the trip.

Back home now, and back at work on Yo-Yo Files #3. The title is The Demon’s in the Details. I am maybe 3-4K words from finishing so it should be done soon. Yeah, let’s go with that- soon! I also have almost three quarters of the short fiction drafted for the flash fiction collection. That’s rolling right along, too. Still need to edit and revise when they are all done, but one thing at a time, right? I am hoping to have the new cover design for the first Yo-Yo Files novelette soon, as well. I am planning on getting both of the first two covers redone before the third one comes out. And who knows? There might be a sale or something once the covers are finished.

Speaking of my books, now that summer is winding to an end, you might be looking for something to curl up with and read as the nights get chillier. Maybe one of these will make a nice companion with a cup of tea (or whatever your beverage of choice may be)?

Circle Unbroken- Science fiction with a fantasy element. Set on a planet rich in minerals that are needed by a long-depleted Earth, the story centers on the family that runs the mining business. There are old resentments and new threats to both the business and the people involved. Scifi meets ritual magic in this novel of plots and growing unrest. See more here

Two’s Company- Science fiction space opera. Medusa “Deuce” Grainger is a top-notch shuttle pilot who loves a good poker game- and a good fight. She gets both when her AI Personality gets infatuated with another AI that no one knows anything about. Add that to her boss’s terraforming company being sabotaged out of their biggest contract ever, and a growing threat to more than a few lives, and Deuce will need all her skills to sort this one out before her world blows up. See more here

Six of One: A Collection of Short Fantasy- Six short fantasy stories to help you escape from the everyday. Imps, wizards, elves, gangster angels, and more are here to entertain you with various forms of mischief. See more here

The Yo-Yo Files- Urban fantasy series starring Johnny, a human demon hunter and his half-human partner, Cerise. Cerise can see the daemonflash, traces of illumination that marks the presence of a demon even when human eyes can’t, and Johnny is trained in the magic necessary to keep the rest of humanity safe from the worlds of devils and demons. Armed with Johnny’s trusty yo-yo and a snarky attitude, these two are ready when the demons come out to play. There are two stories in the series now, with a third in the works.

     Five and Daemon: Yo-Yo Files #1- Something is not right in the small town of Carroll Fork. It seems an unusual amount of low-order demons are showing up in town, sold through the clothing and other items at a local thrift store. When Johnny and Cerise arrive, they find the sweet, elderly owner of the shop is nothing at all as she seems, and they will have a devil of a time putting things to rights. See more here

Snake’s Alive: Yo-Yo Files #2- Two archangels are missing, Lucifer is asking Johnny for help, and chaos is on the horizon. Serpents, cryptic riddles, a mythological wolf, and final destruction are just around the corner as Johnny and Cerise try to figure out what- or who- is trying to unleash ultimate destruction on everything. See more here

Those are the major works. There are also a couple short tales with a dystopian slant, with food crises, genetic engineering, and survival in the aftermath of climate collapse. See my Books page for those. All of them are available at Smashwords, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Apple iBooks, and other online retailers. Details and links are on the linked pages above. Thank you for looking, and if you do read any of them, as always, reviews are appreciated!