Friday Fumbling: It Takes It Out of You

We were out of town for a week. It was busy, we had a good time, and saw some people we haven’t in a number of years. But it was also two days of driving both ways, and, as I said, a busy weekend, and I am still tired. So, I kind of took this as a recovery week. I did get a bit of writing done since we’ve been home, but I have been absent in here. I will be back at it next week, and also back at the writing keyboard full force.  Meanwhile, here’s a picture of me getting puppy kisses from Duke, the Bush’s Beans spokesdog: Dukesmall See you next week! ===============================================================

Do you like science fiction and fantasy? I would be very happy if you would check out my books and other stories. You can find more information about them all at the link below. Thank you!

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