Monday Musings: Goin’ Nowhere

So, it seems we are to be under restrictions until at least the end of April. Don't misunderstand, I am fully in favor of this. I also understand (and to some extent, am pretty sure) that's not even long enough. Our governor here in MA said today that predictions are that the confirmed cases of … Continue reading Monday Musings: Goin’ Nowhere

Wednesday Win (For You)

Since we all are- or should be- practicing good social distancing and staying home as much as possible, some of us may find ourselves with more time to catch up on our reading. To support this, Smashwords is currently running an Authors Give Back promotion to encourage people to read more, and maybe find some … Continue reading Wednesday Win (For You)

Monday Musings: Behind Closed Doors

Like pretty much everyone, we are under the shadow of the COVID-19 virus. We are fine here, but we are following the recommendations to stay at home as much as is possible, limit contact with other people, washing hands, and practicing social distancing. I know it's what has to be done, but it all feels … Continue reading Monday Musings: Behind Closed Doors

Monday Musings: Life, the Universe, and, Oh, Boy, Everything

I have been a bit MIA here lately. I know. I am sorry. It was "stuff" and we all know how that goes. A week ago last Thursday, I had to take the BaldMan to the emergency room for another bout of cellulitis in his leg. This time, the right one. The others have been … Continue reading Monday Musings: Life, the Universe, and, Oh, Boy, Everything