Monday Musings: Life, the Universe, and, Oh, Boy, Everything

I have been a bit MIA here lately. I know. I am sorry. It was “stuff” and we all know how that goes. A week ago last Thursday, I had to take the BaldMan to the emergency room for another bout of cellulitis in his leg. This time, the right one. The others have been the left. He was admitted, and started on the antibiotics that have worked in the past. It seemed a bit better at first, but then, on Saturday, it got worse again. Not really spreading much more than originally, but it wasn’t really getting knocked down, either. Stronger antibiotics and trying to culture it. Still, not much progress. They were finally able to get a culture to grow and it turned out to be not just a different strain of the staph it has been in the past, but a whole different bacteria. Got the right meds going in and things started improving. He came home last Saturday, but with all the time trying to get it under control, the swelling and edema took a toll. It’s getting better but he’s still not completely back on his feet.

Add in a few other things that dropped over the same period of time, and, well, I have been busy with life away from the keyboard and after that’s all said and done, just freaking tired. I think things are settling down now, but I will still be shuffling him around to doctors and such for a bit. Life’s like that sometimes. Put it all together and I feel like Cookie in the photo above- I need to faceplant in my coffee mug!

Not much new anywhere else. I have some work to do for a few writing things in the next couple months, so I have to carve out some time to get into those. I have a short story started in the Yo-Yo Files world set locally here in central MA using an urban legend of sorts that is associated with a restaurant here in town. I would like to get that finished, also. Otherwise, I am going to just play it by ear for now.

There are rumors that Spring is going sprung this coming week. Fingers crossed, because I would love some nice warm weather to show up. Here’s hoping!


The Demon’s in the Details, the third story in my urban fantasy series the Yo-Yo Files is now available.

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