Wednesday Win (For You)

Since we all are- or should be- practicing good social distancing and staying home as much as possible, some of us may find ourselves with more time to catch up on our reading. To support this, Smashwords is currently running an Authors Give Back promotion to encourage people to read more, and maybe find some new books to love.

I am participating in the promotion. Now through April 20, all three of the stories in my urban fantasy series, The Yo-Yo Files, will be free to download from Smashwords. They are available in just about any electronic format you might want: Kindle, Nook (or other .epub readers), even .pdf or in online form. You can find information on the three at these links:

Five and Daemon: The Yo-Yo Files #1

Snake’s Alive: The Yo-Yo Files #2

The Demon’s in the Details: The Yo-Yo files #3

You can head over to Smashwords to find them for downloading.

Stay home if you can. Wash your hands. Keep that 6 foot distance. Be safe. Let’s read our way through this!


The Demon’s in the Details, the third story in my urban fantasy series the Yo-Yo Files is now available.

Urban fantasy like the above not your thing? Well, I have science fiction and more traditional fantasy stories available, as well. Look here for all the deets on the above series and the rest of my published stories.