Monday Musings: Football is Back, Two Chili Cook Offs (with Zombies), Fall, and Food

Ah, fall is in the air! And so are footballs! I am quite happy to admit that I am a sports fan. I like most sports, but football is a favorite. Our Sundays will now be filled with the Green Bay Packers, the Oakland Raiders, TV, and football food. Can’t think of a better way to spend a weekend day.

This is also the second year we are doing a fantasy football league. I’m still learning how to work with that. I really have to get a better handle on  the draft thing. I did not go deep enough in my draft list and ended up flailing about when a few players got picked up by another team. I grabbed a couple players I wouldn’t have, and had to make some adjustments before this first weekend. But it’s fun playing GM and coach of your own team. So, let’s go, Leapin’ Leprechauns! Just win, baby!

We have another chili weekend coming up. Saturday is the Connecticut State cook off in New Haven, and Sunday we move to  Bristol for the Zombie Biker cook off. We did not do the Zombie one last year, so this will be a new one for us. We are running the judging area at both. CT State has always been a favorite, whether we are cooking or not. This zombie thing has me a bit concerned, though. Perhaps I should bring my boomstick?

It will be fun, I know, but two day events really take it out of me. They are long days, and tiring, But we do it because we like to, and that’s the part that counts. We will come home Sunday evening. It’s under three hours drive, and with luck traffic will not be bad. It will be good to sleep in my own bed after two long days. And then, we only have one more, on Halloween. After that, we are off for the winter. I will be ready for the break, I am sure. It’s good to have an off-season, I think. There are places where they can have cook offs all year round, but I like having a few months without the traveling and all that. Resets the system, so to speak. There’s been some frustration and maybe even a bit of temper flare lately, and I need some chill time.

Not that I want to rush the seasons at all, and certainly not winter, but we are getting into the time of year that brings on some of my favorite foods. Cool weather means soups and stews, hearty casseroles, and the like. Things that are too heavy for the heat of summer. Not that I don’t like lighter, fresher summer meals, but I do like me some good, old comfort food. Long, slow-simmered braises, crockpot pot roasts- did I mention soup? I love soup, all kinds of soup. Well, not so much mushroom soup, but most others. And cooler weather means oatmeal for breakfast. Another favorite. Of course, there is also the fall weather to enjoy. Leaves turning color, ripe apples, the smell in the air. Spring and fall are probably my favorite seasons.

Are you looking forward to fall? Why or why not?


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