Monday Musings: Flexing, Walking, Gardening, and Season’s Changing

We got Fitbit Flex wristband trackers this week. We had on of the other models a few years back, but they were clip type things, and we both managed to lose them- several times. We are National Consumer Panel members and we had enough points to get two of the Flex bands. The bracelet type should be harder to lose. I was tracking steps on my phone, but I never got a full day’s worth. I’d set my phone down and not pick it up for an hour or so, and miss those steps. Or I’d be wearing clothes with no pocket to put it in, and need to use both hands for whatever I was doing. Or any number of other reasons I just didn’t have it on me to record all my steps. So far, it looks like I was missing up to 2000 steps a day.

Along with that, we are starting to track calories again, in an effort to step up the weight loss effort. I’ve lost about 12 pounds, but it has been slow, slow, slow. I know part of it is not accounting for the calories. It’s too easy to lose track of what you eat when you don’t account for it in a way you can see. We use the Lose It! app for tracking. It not only has a pretty good database of food, both generic and store brands, but it lets you add your own foods and recipes. So, we can enter a whole recipe that we make often and not have to add up all the ingredients every time. Of course, it can be discouraging to look at what some of the stuff we eat costs in calories. I know I have to up my exercise again. I don’t get a lot of wiggle room in my daily allowance. But we did this last time we did the weight loss thing and it worked out very well. We didn’t have to change the way we eat in a huge way. We still ate what we wanted, but became much more aware of portions and planning. I’m sure it will be similar once we get going.

I am still walking every day with the dog. I’m trying to add some distance to our usual walk a few times a week. And to up the pace a bit, since my knee has been less troublesome lately. It’s good for both of us. Of course, with winter coming on, those walks may be more difficult. With no sidewalks around here, if the snow piles get to be too high, walking gets tough. Most of the drivers are pretty good about slowing down and giving us room, and I always try to get as far off to the side as I can. But if it is actively storming and visibility is bad, we stay home.

The garden is about done for the year. We’ve had some colder nights and the tomato plants are getting unhappy. There are a few green tomatoes out there that I need to bring in. The pepper plants are hanging in there, but I don’t know how much more growth we’re going to get. I still have beans growing, also. As I have said in the past, I was pretty neglectful of it this year, and I didn’t do any fall plantings. I do have a few carrots coming along pretty well, but those will even overwinter out there. I need to work in a day or two of serious work out there. Just a lot of clean-up that needs to be done so we can get back on track next year.

I did manage to get all the Halloween decorations out this year. I didn’t get it all down last year. I really don’t have that much. Just a couple outdoor things for the porch, and some things for the living room, the top of the piano, and a table centerpiece. I guess I sometimes don’t feel like getting it all out since it isn’t out for long, because Christmas comes up right after. But we are all “spooked up” this year!

The season is definitely turning now. Nights are getting colder, days are cooler, and so many leaves are turning to their fall colors. And acorns are falling! Boy, are they falling! They are everywhere, and we hear them crashing down all the time while we are walking. I wonder if the squirrels are happy about this? I’m afraid of getting thunked on the head! It is nice having these pretty, sunny, cooler days, though. Even though i have needed to pull out some long-sleeved tops, I’d rather that than the hot, humid weather we had this summer.

That’s about all for this week. I hope you are enjoying the change of the seasons!