Monday Musings: December?, Car Troubles, (Identified) Flying Objects, and Dinner

Uh, this IS December, right? I mean, I can’t say I am not, on some level, enjoying the unseasonably warm temperatures and lack of snow and ice, but at the same time, this is just not right. Without heading down a rabbit hole that is not going to lead anywhere productive, I am not liking this warming trend. Never thought I’d hear myself saying this, but winter is coming. I hope.

This is probably going to be a short update, as there really isn’t much to report this week. Oh, well, the car died on the BaldMan’s commute to work on Friday. It may be the transmission. Our mechanic called this morning and said a cooling thingie broke, and he has to get the part for that before he can figure out if anything else is going on. And, of course, no one locally has the part. It should be there tomorrow.

Weird thing happened to him on the way home from the repair shop. He decided to walk home. It’s a pretty hefty hike, but he did it. As he was walking along, a pickup went by. He didn’t really pay a lot of attention. Pickups are not rare. But he sure did when something whacked him in the knee! A brand new package of pre-sharpened pencils flew out of the bed of the truck, and right into the knee. The driver seemed not to notice, as he just kept on truckin’. So, we now have a whole box of pencils to add to the drawerful of writing implements I already have. And I don’t have to sharpen them!! Weird, huh?

We had braised short ribs for dinner last night. Oh, so good! He did them Asian style, with ginger, soy sauce, brown sugar, cabbage, rice wine vinegar, and a few other things. The sauce was so good, and the short ribs were really nice. Served with rice, it was a very nice dinner.

Time to move on and get things done. Have a great week!


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