Monday Musings: Writing, Weather, and Other Random Thoughts

I have gotten to chapter three in revising this year’s NaNoWriMo project. The working title is Two’s Company, and it is sci-fi, specifically space opera. I’ve figured out a sub-plot and have started weaving that into the story. Things are getting fleshed out more, and some bumpy spots smoothed over. So, progress is being made.

I’ll be submitting the climate change short story this week. And I’ve begun another. This one is a second story with Johnny and Cerise, the characters from the serial I’ve been doing here on the blog. I think I’m going to call these The Yo-Yo Files. If you’ve been reading the serial, you know why. 😉 Still planning to put Five and Daemon (the serial) out as a freebie ebook in February. That will give those who have been faithfully following the story here every month the chance to finish it when I put the last part up later this month.

The weather has been really weird. It’s been cold and cold, and we had some snow. Today is gloomy and rainy, and it’s close to 50 out there. And windy! Tomorrow, we go back to cold. Could Mother Nature make up her mind, please?

I can’t believe the Powerball jackpot for Wednesday, can you? Over a billion dollars? I can’t even imagine that much money, even as the sort of nebulous, in the bank’s computers sort of thing that most money is these days, never mind as an actual pile of bills! Can’t help thinking about what I would do with money like that. And, really, beyond the obvious stuff, I am not sure. I mean, I know I could buy pretty much anything I wanted, but I don’t know if I could just start buying random “stuff.” And, yes, we do buy tickets, but we’re not emptying the bank account to do so. Heck, it only takes one number to win, no matter how many you buy, right? It’s all good for some fancy daydreaming, I guess.

I am writing this on Sunday, and the BaldMan is making chili verde for us for dinner. Yum! Haven’t had verde in a while. He’s going to do a more traditional sort of thing, rather than a chili verde stew. Both ways are good, and very different from the red chili most people are used to. I always liked the competition verde better than red when we were competing, anyway. It will be a good dinner for a gray and rainy day, with football on the TV!

Speaking of chili, we will be off to CT this weekend to run the judging at a cook-off in Somers. This one will benefit two people fighting the cancer battle. It will be Saturday, January 16 at Pleasant View golf course in Somers. There will be a lot of world-class chili cooks there, and what could be better on a weekend in January than sampling some really good chili? And it’s for a good cause, so if you are around that area, why not come out?

And that is pretty much all the news from here. I hope you all have a great week!


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