Thursday Thoughts: Bowie and Rickman

The news of David Bowie’s death after a battle with cancer was  blow enough. And then, we hear today that Alan Rickman lost his battle with this disease this week, also.

It has been said many times in the last few days, and many more times before that, but I will say it again:

F*ck cancer.

Bowie was something of a strange phenomenon to me. Never quite knew how to take him when I first came across him. But, boy, did I love his voice! As time went on, I think I learned to appreciate the way he always did whatever he wanted to, however he wanted to, and didn’t really seem to care if people “got it” or not. And, certainly, there are things I like better than others, but one can’t deny the talent and the imagination. And, of course, Labyrinth. Always Labyrinth. Go, claim your kingdom, Jarath. We are proud to have shared some time with you here.

And what to say about Alan Rickman? Die Hard, Love Actually, Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves (he was the only redeeming thing about that movie), Galaxy Quest, Sense and Sensibility, Harry Potter… As well as others, and theater, and more. That instantly recognizable voice. The delicious way he played the bad guy. The way he could break your heart with one word. (“Always.” Harry Potter fans, are you tearing up? I am.) Comedy. Drama. Action. He could do it all, and do it like few others. You will live on, Mr. Rickman, every time Harry arrives at Hogwarts, every time Bruce Willis yippie-ki-yays, every time we have the pleasure of watching one of your roles. It’s too bad you didn’t have time to do more.

(Image from youtube)