Monday Musings: Quiet In Here, Isn’t It?


Note to self: Get those hinges oiled.

Gee, it seems pretty deserted in here, doesn’t it? There are cobwebs on the ceiling, and your voice echoes in the emptiness. My fault, I know. I haven’t been very attentive around this poor, neglected blog lately. And for that, I apolgize. And have to say that it may not get much better for a short bit longer.

See, the thing is- we are moving. From southern NH to MA. It will put the BaldMan closer to work. He’s been working in Concord, MA for over two years now, and that is an hour+ commute one way. So, two hours at least in the car every work day, and more if there is a lot of traffic. It’s beginning to get a bit wearing. So, we are packing up and moving.

We found a lovely townhouse in a very nice development. It will be better for us in many ways, really. Not only will the BaldMan’s commute be shorter, but we really don’t need four bedrooms and all this house anymore. The townhouse is not really a lot smaller than the house, just laid out better. Since we are away so many weekends in the summer, having no yard to maintain will be great. The only snow we need to shovel will be our front porch and the back deck- they even do your sidewalks! The development is on 15 or so acres, and most of it is still wooded, with hiking trails all through. The dog will love that!

I’m going to have a room all to myself for an office. So nice! The kitchen is good-sized, with more cabinet and counter space than we have here. And a breakfast bar. Full basement. Fireplace in the loft (which will be my office room).

The big thing now is clearing out this house. We have been here for thirty years or so, and the stuff that accumulated! Wow! So we are in the process of downsizing, sorting, giving away, recycling, donating, and on and on. Plus just the task of packing the stuff we are taking! That’s about all I have been doing lately. We are moving the second weekend of March, so it will be over (I hope!) soon. Until then, I will probably be in and out of here on an irregular schedule. I hope you can be patient. I’ll be back, don’t worry. I just need to get this move out of the way first.

Wish me luck!

(Oh, and don’t forget- just because I am not posting as regularly as usual, doesn’t mean my books have gone away. See below)


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