Wednesday Wanderings: Scientists Discover Link Between Brain and Immune System, Librarians Parody Queen, Stephen Hawking Wants to Send a Ship to the Stars, and 21 Novels You Should Read

The discovery of a connection between the brain and the immune system means new insights to many diseases:

Immune System

I think we all love a good parody, and when it combines Bohemian Rhapsody and librarians, it is definitely worth watching:

Librarian Rhapsody

Stephen Hawking helps fund a project to send a tiny spacecraft to Alpha Centauri in just 20 years:

Breakthrough Starshot

According to the AARP, these 21 novels are ones you should find the time to read. (Oh, but they can’t be right. Mine isn’t on that list! 😀 But you can find out how to get it below.)

Novels You Should Read

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Available now:


tn_Circle Unbroken Cover (eBook)

After five years away, Kaili is coming home for the ceremony to install her sister as head of the family business. When an old rivalry threatens the family, Kaili and her partner need to use all their skills to save the sisters’ lives. Learn more here.





tn_Six of One

A collection of six short fantasy stories set in varied worlds of magic and mayhem. Learn more here.






tn_Survival of the Fittest (Front Cover)

A short novelette set in a dystopian Earth after the final envinronmental collapse. Sam is a genetically engineered chameleon who may hold the key to mankind’s survival. Learn more here.