Monday Musings: A Spring Bike Ride

We took the bikes out for the first ride of the season yesterday. We didn’t ride much last year, and that was too bad because it is fun. We have TerraTrike Rovers, and they are really great bikes. I love the recumbent seats. It’s far better on my back than a conventional bike, and the three wheels make them really stable. In case you don’t know what they are, here’s a picture from a few years ago:


Yesterday, we did about three miles out on the Nashua River Rail Trail, starting in Ayer, MA. That gave us about six miles total. Not a bad start. I stole a few of the pictures the BaldMan took while we were out there. It was very pretty, even without the trees leafed out.

Nashua River Rail Trail4Nashua River Rail Trail3Nashua River Rail Trail2Nashua River Rail Trail1

We do plan on riding more this year. And, maybe, if we can spring for the harness attachment, get Lambeau out with us sometimes.

It really feels like Spring has finally sprung!


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