Monday Musings: Civil War, New Furniture, and Other Odd Bits

I saw “Captain America: Civil War” yesterday with our middle daughter. Thank you to her for giving me that as my Mother’s Day present! And thank you to Marvel for releasing a new movie right around this time for the past several years, since they have been my gifts those years, too.

I won’t say a lot about the movie, as I don’t want to spoil it for anyone who may not have seen it yet. People (at least those I know) have been very good about spoilers, and I don’t want to be the one to- ahem- “spoil” that. I will just say that it was oh, so very good. Plenty of action, as you would expect from a Marvel movie, some genuinely amusing moments, and lots of snappy dialogue. But there was also some really good character development in there, and some interesting things were learned. All in all, a very good movie. Oh, and I am #TeamCap, and after seeing the movie, rightly so. I was correct about a suspicion I had, and while I love Tony Stark to death, this was one time, well, see the movie. (And I guess I have to say that I am really #TeamHawkeye!)

We got a table, chairs, and umbrella for the deck this weekend. It’s nice. The BaldMan thought it was too big, but I think it will work out well, especially when we have company. It’s rectangular, and seats six, with a tile top. The umbrella we picked out matches the chairs really well. We had dinner out there on Saturday night, and sat out for a good while, just enjoying a bottle of wine and the evening. The dog was a bit confused, as we generally finish dinner, clean up, and sit in the living room rather than going back outside. He’s going to have to get used to that, because I think the set will get a lot of use this summer.

We also picked up more plants for the porch and deck. We got a pot with a decorative grass and pink and purple mini-petunias for the front steps, a hanging fuschia for the hook on the deck, and a hibiscus that I need to repot in the decorative container I picked out. That will also go on the deck, I think. I need to get a nicer container for my miniature rose, also. And the tomato planter has been ordered, so we will have that to work on soon. I am only doing the tomatoes this year. If this planter works out, I think I will add one or two next year for some peppers, and maybe cucumbers. I plan to grow herbs and greens on the plant stand in the basement. Not quite the big garden I used to have, but it will be enough for the two of us.

There was a mama bear and two cubs spotted on the lowest street of the development last week. The management office sent out an email with a picture of the cubs. There was also a link to some information about black bears in MA. I thought the most fascinating thing was that, if you encounter a bear, you should back away slowly, and talk to it calmly and quietly. Hmm. Not sure I could be really calm if I was facing a bear. From what the article said, black bears, even mothers with cubs, rarely attack. Mom will send the cubs up a tree and as long as you stay calm and don’t pose a true threat, they will just watch until you are gone. Lambeau, of course, wants to go find them. I have declined to oblige him.

And that’s about all for this week. How’s your week been?

(Photo is the bears that were spotted)


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2 thoughts on “Monday Musings: Civil War, New Furniture, and Other Odd Bits

  1. I really enjoyed Civil War, although it basically started a flame war with a controversy-loving friend of mine who ranted that “Cap is a vigilante who’s no better than super villains” and I’m like “oh, goodness, here we go.” I think Tony’s side was sympathetic and he wasn’t entirely wrong in the need for responsibility and oversight…but after Hydra infiltrated SHIELD, it’s a little hard to trust the agendas of said “oversight,” isn’t it? Who knows who could really be pulling the strings.

    And yes, #HawkeyeForever. I don’t get my people hate him. He’s cute and quirky and probably my favorite Avenger aside from Scarlet Witch.


    1. I can see Tony’s point and I agree in principle, to an extent. What I objected to was that his motivation was guilt over Ultron (his baby) getting out of control. And guilt is never a good reason for anything, even if, in the long run, it’s the right thing.
      I never understood the lack of Hawkeye love, either. Sure, in the long Marvel history, he’s had some dark spots, but so have they all. A couple years ago, my now 8 year old grandson asked me who was my favorite Avenger. I said, “Hawkeye.” He said, “Hawkeye?????” LOL


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