Monday Musings: A Couple of Pictures, and What’s Been Going On

Since I seem to be adding a few pictures from Lambeau and my walks every week, here are a couple I snapped recently.

Lambeau found this guy and very nicely pointed him out to me. I think he was a little confused when he hopped away!:




And this little fella sits in that split trunk and watches us as we walk by:


Other than that, it was a quiet week. We will have the kids and grandkids here for Memorial Day today. Menu will be pulled pork, chicken wings, slaw, potato salad, and I made fresh strawberry ice cream and peach wine coolers. Add to that whatever the kids bring, and we will have a good day, I am sure. Even if the weather won’t cooperate and insists on rain!

Next weekend starts the chili season for us again. We have two cook offs to officiate. One on Saturday and a second on Sunday. Both in Connecticut. The first is in East Hartford at Gengras Harley-Davidson, and Sunday’s is in Southington at the Cadillac Ranch restaurant. Come on by and say hello! Oh, and sample some really good chili!

I hope everyone has a really nice, relaxing holiday weekend. Don’t forget to take a few moments to remember why we have this holiday.


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