Monday Musings: Terry Brooks Book Signing Event

Yesterday, we went to the Odyssey Bookshop in South Hadley, MA for an appearance and book signing event with Terry Brooks. For those who may not know, Terry is a fantasy author. His best known series is the Shannara books, which, with the new release this year, has twenty-five titles in it. He also wrote the Magic Kingdom of Landover books, and the Word and the Void trilogy, as well as the tie-in novelisations of  the  movies “Phantom Menace” (Star Wars) and “Hook.” I’ve been reading his books since sometime in the 1970s, I believe. I am a few behind at this point, but I always enjoy them when I do get to them. The book he is touring for right now is a stand-alone Shannara story from the Defenders of Shannara trilogy called “The Sorcerer’s Daughter.”

I always enjoy his appearances. He genuinely likes his fans. He is personable and funny. He read from the book to be released next year, and then gave a short talk, and took questions from those who came to see him. And then he did the book signing. He is very gracious and will sign whatever you bring. There was a couple there and the man was in a wheelchair, so the woman stood in line and he sat in the chair away from the line because he didn’t think he’d be able to maneuver the chair in the tight space where the signing table was. Terry signed his books, chatting with him and his wife as he did so, and then got up and walked over to shake the man’s hand. I’m sure that made that fan very happy. I know I would have been. I have been working on getting my hardcovers signed each time he comes out this way, so yesterday I brought my well-worn copies of “First King of Shannara” and “Wishsong of Shannara” for him to sign, along with the copy of the new book I purchased at the store. As some of you know, I am pretty much known as “Mak” to my friends (it’s my initials and has been my nickname for a long, long time), and that’s how I request the books personalized. Every time, Terry looks at the post-it with “Mak” on it, looks up at me, a bit puzzled. This time, he looked at the note, at me, back at the note, and just said: “No.” So, I explain the initials thing, and that all the books are signed that way, and, of course, he does. I just find it amusing that it’s every time!

He did say that the next four Shannara books (being released over the next four years) will be the last. He has known for a long time how he wanted the series to end, and he said he wants to be the one to write it. So, he is going to do it now. I understand that, of course, but Shannara has been part of my life for so long, part of me is sad that it is coming to an end. He did say he would probably go back to Landover at some point, and I am happy about that. He doesn’t really know where the second season of the MTV show will go. He pretty much lets them do what they do best- TV. He’s involved enough to make sure it stays true to the basics of the series, but he doesn’t dictate what they can or can’t do. Oh, Landover movie! Yes, it apparently is happening. They are on the fourth rewrite of the script, and this one, he seems happy with. From what he said, the first three were just— NO. So that’s good news, too. And Steve Carell as Ben Holiday!

It was a good afternoon. Thanks to the BaldMan for driving all the way out there with me. This isn’t his thing, but I appreciate him giving me the chance to see an author I truly enjoy both reading and seeing in person!

A few pictures from the day:





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