Monday Musings: Ain’t Technololgy Grand?

Why, yes, it is. I wouldn’t want to live without it, really. I depend on my cell phone, my desktop and laptop computers, tablet, home control stuff, and other things a  lot. Life would be- well, not impossible, but less convenient without all the tech around me. So, yes, technology is grand.

Except when it isn’t. We’ve had a run of hard drive issues here of late. Not my machine, thank heaven, but the home server, the BaldMan’s home computer, even his work computer and laptop have had problems lately. So, he bought some bits and bobs, and set up a new home server. Which is nice. I get my daily backups again, so there’s that one more level of security should something happen. (Knock wood) However, (and I don’t understand all of it but) it meant that my Windows had to be upgraded because That’sTheWayMicrosoftDoesThingsandReasons. Of course, the simple method didn’t work, so the end result is that my system had to be nuked, and I had to re-install the world. Tedious work. I think I have gotten most of the stuff I use everyday back. A few games need to be added, but I figure I can do that next time I want to play one. It wasn’t too bad.

That’s the good news.

Oh, there’s bad news, you ask? There’s always bad news. I had grabbed a lot of stuff off my system onto a flash drive: stuff from my Documents folder, mainly. Kinda forgot about some stuff that I SHOULD have saved. What stuff? Oh, my downloads folder, that had a lot of junk in it, but a few things that might have been useful. Oh, and my iTunes music library. Yeah, how about that? Many bajillions of songs ripped from CDs, and it’s all poof! I also thought I’d be clever and weed through some of the junk in my Documents folder. Should have done THAT after, also, because I sort of missed transferring one of my yWriter folders to the flash drive. *le sigh* At least, I have that on Google Drive, so it’s recoverable.

Ah, well, that’s the way it goes sometimes. At least most of it is back to normal. I’m sure there will be moments where I realize I forgot to reinstall something, but that’s easily fixed.

Ya gotta love technology. Except when you don’t!

Oh, and I am still planning on getting that short story out and available this week. Probably toward the end of the week. I’ll talk more about it as the week goes on. Maybe check out my Facebook page (MAKROPP) or Twitter (makropp). I’ll probably update those first, and most regularly. It’s dystopian scifi, about climate change and its effects. But there’s hope and the strength of the human spirit, too. The title is “Feed My People”. More info as the week goes on.

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