Monday Musings: A Short Comment on the Hugo Awards, Writing Update, Off to Maine, and Summer Heat

I’m not going to comment a lot on this year’s Hugo awards, mainly because I haven’t read all of the winners, and can’t say if I thought they were good enough to win. I am happy, however, to see that, once again, the Puppies were shut out in most categories. And in at least one, their slated work won, but because it was a darn good piece of work, and even it’s creators were in no way endorsing the Puppy slate. Where do we go from here? Who knows. It’s still a mess, just not as much of one as the past couple years. I’ll just say congratulations to all the winners. Good job!

Let’s move on to some better stuff, shall we? I made some pretty good progress on the first revision of my space opera novel, “Two’s Company.” When I began drafting, I wrote a sequence of scenes that were out of the linear way I normally write. When I figured out where they needed to be inserted, it kind of messed up the timeline in a couple chapters. I had to pull back and work out the twisty details on those so that the lines make sense. I got that done, and I think I’ve mostly cleaned up the bits that needed to be tweaked to fit. And I figured out how to transition from one part of the story to the next. It means adding another chapter, but as the whole story is still a bit short for a sci-fi novel. that’s not really going to be a bad thing. So, progress. Yay. (In a side note, I think it will be ready for some beta reads in a few weeks, so stay tuned for that.)

We head for Maine this weekend. The Maine State Chili Cook Off is Saturday in Wells. This is one of my favorite cook offs. Not only is Wells a lovely town, but the cook off is always well organized (Thank you, Eleanor!) and usually proceeds very smoothly. And the place we stay is great. We’ve been staying there for years, and the owners know us. We always get the same room- number 10! It’s a combination of in the main house, quaint rooms, motel rooms with kitchenettes (we get one of those), and a few cabins. A lot of the cooks stay there, and we all get together for a potluck dinner after Saturday’s cook off. We will go to one of our favorite restaurants up there on Friday. Oh, and the fact that the motel has a hot tub as well as a pool makes it even better. Nothing like a bit of time in that hot tub after a long day at the cook off to relax and re-energize.

Lambeau will go to the boarding kennel while we are gone. I have told him he is going to the spa, since we are having him groomed while he’s there. I have not told him that “spa” means a bath and nail clip! LOL

The heat has settled. A little. At least the humidity is down a bit today, and temps have not been in the 90s. It looks like we may get one almost fall-like day this week, also. But that may change, as the weather does. We did get some much needed rain, but really could use more. The folks at the farmer’s market are saying it has affected their crops a fair amount. The grass is all dry and crunchy still. I’m watering the herbs, tomatoes, and flowers here daily. But we are getting some nice tomatoes now. The Romas are particularly firm. It’s so nice to be able to go out on the deck and pick a nice, ripe, fresh tomato for a salad! The BaldMan made a small amount of pesto last week, and you would never know he trimmed the basil plants.

That’s been my week. Hope yours was good.


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2 thoughts on “Monday Musings: A Short Comment on the Hugo Awards, Writing Update, Off to Maine, and Summer Heat

  1. Women absolutely dominated the Hugos this year. Even “AKA Smile” won best TV episode, which is one of the most important SFF screen representations of womanhood in recent memory. So, not only was I happy to see the Puppies shut out, it’s extra icing that they were shut out by women, POC, and feminism. (FWIW I have heard amazing things about NK Jemisin so I have no doubt she deserved to win, and was not a token vote. I have started on her Hundred Thousand Kingdoms and wasn’t in love with its approach, but I haven’t given it enough time to sink into it yet).


    1. Yes, I think the Puppies are quickly becoming a non-voice in this award arena. And that’s a very good thing. I’ve not gotten to Jemison yet, but have also heard very good things. She’s on the list of authors to check out.


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