Monday Musings: Nice Weather, Holiday Weekend, Fantasy Football, and Writing Updates

First, I would like to tell you that it is a perfectly lovely day here today! The sky is blue, it is not 90 bajillion degrees with a million percent humidity, and I have windows open all over again. Aahh!

Last Monday was Labor Day. It was quiet here. Actually, we had a nice, quiet weekend all told. Stephanie came for dinner on Sunday, but she was the only one who could make it. Monday was a pretty laid back, relaxing type day, and that’s a good thing to have once in a while, don’t you think?

The rest of the week was a pretty normal one, except that the BaldMan got an extra day off on Wednesday. When he went in to work on Tuesday, he found out that there had been a power outage over the weekend that knocked out their network. And it wasn’t getting better fast, so they were told to stay home on Wednesday unless they heard differently. He didn’t. Yes, technology is wonderful, except when the power fails!

Oh, yes, and we were supposed to draft our Fantasy Football teams on Wednesday night. I spent a good part of the day researching and building my draft list. I was ready! Only to sign in Wednesday night to find out that our commissioner (whose name I will not make public, but he’s bald and lives here) left our league set to auto draft, and it was too late to change it. The managers were not happy. However, as it turned out, no one ended up with a really poor team. I probably got about as many of the players I wanted as if I’d done a live draft, so I really can’t complain. And a few of my player have done quite well so far this week. I am going to beat the BaldMan’s ChiliCats team for week one. Go, Leapin’ Leprechauns!

I thought my iPhone screen was cracked. When I got it, I also sprung for the fancy screen protector that was supposed to be super good and would keep those pesky screen cracks from happening, even if the phone got dropped. But I couldn’t feel an edge to the crack, so I thought it was the actual phone and not the protector. I finally pulled the thing off, and it is the protector that is cracked, not the phone. Whew! And the nice thing about it is that it has a lifetime replacement warranty, so I went online and ordered a new one. Had to pay shipping but it was far less than a new protector would be.No hassle, no problem. Just have to return the broken one within 60 days, and they sent a postage paid envelope for that. It’s a Zagg InvisibleSheild Glass, in case you are interested.

Nothing else of note last week, really. I am still working on revising my spacce opera, “Two’s Company.” I hope to have this revision done by the end of this month, and then I will be needing a couple of beta readers for it. And I’ve started working on the idea for this year’s Halloween story, and continuing work on a couple smaller things.

Have a great week!


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