Monday Musings: My Office- Completed!

Okay, no, my office is not in a castle!
We moved in March. From NH to MA, from a house to a townhouse. There were many reasons for the move, but one was that it got the BaldMan closer to work. He was commuting an hour+ one way before. The townhouse is much better suited to our lives now, also. One of the nice things about it is that I now have my own office. I took over the loft on the third floor as “my space.” I’ve wanted a space of my own for a long time now. There are also people who say that having a defined space for an activity helps your brain get into the right frame for doing that activity. So, having my room with my desk and computer set up and ready means that when I sit down here, my brain says “Oh, it’s time to write!” And that makes it easier to do on a regular basis.

I’ve been working on it for a while now. I got my desk and computer set up quickly. The bookcases were set up when we moved. But there were a lot of details that needed work: pictures to be hung, and other things put away or unpacked. It is mostly done now, so I thought I’d let you see where I do my work.

This is what my desk looks like. I have an L-shaped desk with the monitor screens on one arm, and the other is for notes, printouts, and non-computer stuff.

Here are the bookcases. The short one holds my reference books. The single one near the closet door has my collections: Terry Brooks, Katherine Kurtz, Harry Potter, Babylon 5.

This is the music nook. My digital piano sits here and there are music prints on the walls. I am not a very good piano player, but I enjoy the break from other stuff it gives me.

And here is the window with my stained glass panel and spider plant (who seems very happy in his new home), the fireplace with dog blanket (no dog on it right then, sorry!), a couple of prints that are hanging here, and my dragons and griffins, all lined up on the half-wall at the top of the stairs.

The castle is a watercolor done by a friend, and the other print, called “Cats are Easier” I got at Arisia Con in 2002. The picture over the corkboard is cardinals made by our oldest grandson.

There are a few things left to do. The TV is not going to be next to the bookcase permanently, so the cable wire will not be strung across the floor forever. And the piano still needs a bit of cleaning up and rearranging. Still,  I think it turned out quite nicely, and it is a bright and comfortable spot for me to spend my time writing in.


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