Monday Musings: And We’re Back!

Well, we really didn’t go anywhere, but my hiatus from the blog for Thanksgiving went on a bit longer than I originally planned, and turned into a mini-hiatus from most of the internet, as well. I was around, just not as much as I normally am. And, I see you all managed to survive just fine. That’s excellent. Not unexpected, either. It was restful, and I needed that.

The family Thanksgiving, which took place on November 20 this year, was pretty much as usual. The house was full, the food was beyond excellent, and I think everyone enjoyed themselves for the most part. A couple of kid meltdowns, but when you are dealing with the younger ones, it happens. On the up side, our oldest grandson, who is eight, told us he has never had a bad meal at our house. Now, there’s a compliment!

On Thanksgiving itself, the BaldMan made lasagna. Also quite good eats! We watched football and some of the MST3K marathon. We’d forgotten how truly funny that show was! And how truly bad some of the movies were. The rest of the weekend was pretty laid back. We did some shopping on Saturday- mostly groceries, and a few other stops. On Sunday, we put up the outdoor holiday decorations. I am a firm believer in no Christmas decorations before Thanksgiving! We rush the holidays so much, they all seem to run together these days. I like to give each one it’s own space. I do need to make a door wreath yet, and will probably look at doing that this coming weekend. And I will start on the indoor decorating this week. Going to pick out the tree will be in two weeks, I think.

I’m going to see Dr. Strange with Steph on Wednesday, so I would expect that to be the Friday review this week. I have heard good things about it, so we will see. But, really, with Benneton Climbersnitch starring, it’s already ahead of the game, right?

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving, if you celebrate it. And that you are looking forward to the coming holidays, whichever one you celebrate!

(Image photographed at my front porch)


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