Wednesday Wanderings: Try a Little Kindness

Since I interviewed the author of the children’s book “The Kindness Can” on Monday, and I will be reviewing the book on Friday, I thought it might be fun to make kindness the theme of the week.

So, what is kindness? Well, it is the act of being kind. What’s kind? Let’s ask the dictionary, shall we?:


Now, let’s look at the Random Acts of Kindness idea itself. Here is the RAK website with ideas, stories, quotes, and more:

Random Acts of Kindness

But what is a Random Act of Kindness? Wikipedia to the rescue!:

Explaining RAKs

Need some help coming up with a RAK or two? Here are 102 of them:

102 RAKs

Why not be kind to one another? It makes you feel good. It makes others feel good. It might just make the whole world feel good eventually.


Available now:


Circle Unbroken (sci-fi with magic elements)


Survival of the Fittest (dystopian sci-fi)

Five and Daemon (urban fantasy)

Short Stories:

Feed My People (dystopian sci-fi)


Six of One: A Collection of Short Fantasy (fantasy)

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