Monday Musings: Organizing and Some Clean-Up, and Super Bowl Sunday (With Rant).

I spent the last two days of last week organizing. First, I did some cleaning up and gathering of files on my computer. And got all the files off the thumb drive that I’d put there when something happened and we thought I might lose them, but I have no recollection right now what that was. Anyway, I had been just finding each file individually when I needed it, but now they are all back where they belong. I still have some coordinating to do between my computer and Google drive, but that will be the next project for an off day.

And Friday, I organized and updated my Calibre e-book library. I had a bunch of books I’d downloaded and never added to Calibre, and some in there that were not well identified. File names that weren’t the actual title, no author information, stuff like that. Nice thing with Calibre, though, is that if you give it the title and author and the book is available on Amazon or in a Google search, it will get all the metadata and the cover art and just plug it in. So, for most of the books, that’s all I had to do. There were a few that were special- gotten directly from the author and not available publicly, and things of that nature. Those had to be done individually, but it wasn’t an impossible task. I also added all the e-books from my Kindle that I’ve read. I still need to get the unread ones in there, so I have a backup of those books in case my Kindle (which is old) decides to give up the ghost. Stuff I’ve purchased from Amazon is okay, since I can always get it from my Amazon account, but not all of the e-books on there are on Amazon. It was a productive two days.

This was also Super Bowl weekend. I didn’t really have a horse in this race, since neither of my teams made it, but we do usually watch the game. A few general comments and then a bit of personal commentary.

The much-hyped Super Bowl ads? Pretty much meh across the board. There were a couple that were good, a few that we laughed at, but nothing that stood out as spectacular. C’mon, people- you pay a ton of money for those ads, let’s see some that rival the good ones of the past.

The halftime show? I thought it was pretty darn good this year. I didn’t know much about Lady Gaga before the show, I will admit. I mean, yeah, I saw the news stories when she did or said or wore something wild, and I knew she had a pretty decent voice, but really, I didn’t pay a lot of attention to her. Her performance was entertaining and kind of fun. One of the better ones in recent memory.

The game itself? Well, the final score was a disappointment, but, holy heck, it turned into a game. Early on, the Falcons were really dominant, and it looked like it was going to be another ho-hum Super Bowl, with one team dominating and going on to win. But the Patriots rallied big time in the fourth quarter, didn’t they? I did not want them to win, but at least the last part of the game got the ol’ sports blood pumping.

Okay, the Patriots. Let me try to explain. Yes, I live in New England. No, I did not grow up here, so I have no from-childhood loyalty to any New England team. Nor do I think that just because I live here, I have to like them. On the other hand, I don’t hate the Patriots, either. Seems that, to many of their fans, if you aren’t cheering them on, you must hate them. It’s some sort of conspiracy or something.

Here’s the thing- I will admit they have a good team. Brady is arguably one of the best playing the game today. Belichick is obviously doing something right as a coach. The thing is, I don’t like either of them. Brady is a bit too full of himself, and Belichick is just an ass. And the fans? Apologies to those of you who are fans, and especially to those who do not act like what I see in the majority (I’m sure you are out there somewhere), but holy crap, you all do think you have one special snowflake of a team, don’t you? They can do no wrong, it’s never their fault, and the whole entire world is out to get them, isn’t it? Newsflash- they can, it is, and they ain’t.

Case in point: The news article being passed around gleefully by Pats fans that reports how the Patriot fans in the stands Sunday booed Roger Goodell when he passed the Lombardi trophy to the Patriots. Oh, very classy, folks. Both those who were there, and those gloating about it today. Heard the word sportsmanship much?

That’s why I don’t like the Patriots, and never will. They’re good. They have proven that more than once. Good for them. Congratulations on Super Bowl win number five. Display the trophy proudly, enjoy the parades and spotlight, post pictures of the rings when you get them. And, fans, be happy for your team. Go to the parade if you can. Watch the interviews and read the stories. And while you are doing all that, can y’all try to grow up a little before next season?

And just an addition to make it perfectly clear: I did not want the Falcons to win because I hate the Patriots sooooooooooooooo much. I wanted the Falcons to win because I thought they deserved it more. Ryan and the Falcons had a really great season. The Patriots did what the Patriots always do. They didn’t have a particularly amazing season, and they already had four Super Bowl wins. IMO, Atlanta just deserved that win more.

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