Monday Musings: Streaming Music, Title Woes, Writing Updates, and A Bit of Weather

We’ve been playing around with streaming music services lately, mostly Spotify and Pandora. It’s been fun. I’ve been listening to stuff I never would have otherwise, and have found some things I like that I probably wouldn’t have if it meant picking up a whole CD. That’s always been an issue for me and music I am not familiar with. What if I don’t like it? Now, I can listen to a few tracks, and if I don’t care for it, I can say don’t play more of this. We’ve put together a few playlists for different uses: dinner, working, relaxing. I’ve got one for favorite vocalists. This week, I’m going to try to put together a writing playlist. I do like the idea of having so much more music available, from things I know and love, to things I’ve forgotten about or haven’t heard in years, to new music and artists that I was unfamiliar with. Got a suggestion for something I should check out? Let me know.

I have finished the first revision of the urban fantasy novelette. I know, I keep just calling it that, or the second in the urban fantasy series, but the problem now is that the working title I had for it doesn’t fit it anymore. I haven’t come up with a new one, yet. The working title was “The Devil Made Me Do It”, but the story has kind of evolved in a different direction. And now I am bucking up against an idiosyncrasy of mine: I have a hard time writing a story or, really, even beginning it, if I don’t have a title. Often, the germ of the idea begins with a title. And then, I get attached to the title, and kind of invested in it. When the story outgrows or branches away from the title, I find it difficult to come up with something that fits better. I know it’s got to change. The working title doesn’t make sense anymore. I’m sure I will come up with something, eventually. I just have to break up with the old one completely first.

Despite it’s lack of title, it will be ready for a few beta readers this week. While that’s happening, I will get back to the short stories for the science fiction collection that is next on the horizon. Oh, and I suppose I have to start thinking about a cover design for the novelette, don’t I? I was also thinking I need to get back to editing the fantasy collection, due to some feedback I got. It’s relatively minor stuff, but if it makes it better, it should be done. And I really should update the back matter in all the published books to reflect the newer stuff that wasn’t out when the first ones went live. Lots of busywork, but that’s part of the whole picture, isn’t it?

Here at home, we had a few really pretty, Spring-like days at the end of the week. Most of the snow is melted now, with just a few patches here and there. The ground is really soggy, though, so I still need to wear boots if I want to let Lambeau run in the field. Then we went right back to cold and raw on Sunday, with rain coming in this week. Ah, the joys of weather in New England!

Have a great week! If your weather is nice enough, take some time to enjoy it!

(Picture is one I took on a walk last week)


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