Monday Musings: Weekend Fun

There is an Irish blessing that says: May your home always be too small to hold all your friends. At times, this past weekend sure felt like our house was too small to hold all the relatives that were there. At the same time, it was really good to have everyone around for a few days. My Mom and two of my sisters came from PA on Friday, and the BaldMan’s sister and her husband came from NY on Saturday. Steph came for dinner on Saturday, also. We did a St. Patrick’s dinner/bon voyage party for Kryss and her family, who are moving to Great Britain at the end of this month. It was really nice that great-grandma got to visit with her great-grandchildren before they go.

Of course, the BaldMan make a delicious dinner. He’d cured two types of corned beef, one gray and one pink with slightly different seasonings, and served it with all the fixin’s: cabbage, potatoes, turnips, carrots, parsnips. I made soda bread, and the PA contingent brought some soda bread, also. Even the kids whose parents weren’t sure they’d like it seemed to enjoy the food. I think everyone enjoyed themselves.

A few pictures, and video of great-grandma playing with her youngest great-grandson, Logan:

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Lambeau was very, very good. He was his usual excited to see new people self for a bit, but he settled quite nicely on Friday. Saturday was a bit more difficult, but there were more people around. He stayed nicely in his crate while we ate without the constant whining and crying we used to get. All the work I’ve been doing with him on impulse control and calm behavior seems to be helping.

And then, on Sunday, he was sick. I think it was just all the excitement (and stress) added to more treats than he usually gets over two days, and his stomach couldn’t handle it. It was a rough day for both of us, especially since his nurse (our oldest Jill, who was a vet nurse) said no dinner! But he seems to have survived, and is better today. Much more his old self. He handled the small amount of rice and pumpkin I gave him for breakfast very well. I will give him more at lunch, and if that goes okay, he will get some plain cooked chicken tonight. I think he’s fine, but better to be cautious with tummy upsets!

The weather has taken a full turn around again! A foot or so of snow last week, and it’s almost 50 out there today! No wonder my knee has been giving me grief.

I have rye bread working in the kitchen for tonight’s reuben sandwiches with leftover corned beef. Yum!

All in all, it was a good weekend. Hope yours was the same.

(Why is there a goat in the picture? Because goats are cute, and that one is clearly having fun! The photo is from


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