Monday Musings: I Feel Almost Professional

I got a set of business cards and promo cards designed and printed recently. I think they look pretty good! I have to thank the BaldMan for helping me out with them. I worked out the basic idea I wanted, and he made them look very, very pretty! So, now, when I am talking to someone about my books and they ask where to find me and/or them online, I don’t have to rely on their memory (if mine is any indication, not reliable!) or go digging for paper and pen. And I have a few things upcoming where having the cards might be a very good thing. The business cards are pretty standard business cards, and the promo cards are 4×6 postcard size. Here they are:

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Pretty, huh?

In other news, I think we found a good boarding place for Lambeau. I talked to them and filled out the application/info form and we are doing a tour later this week. This place seems a bit more like the awesome CandC Kennel we used in NH where he will get more of a daycare like time rather than just a few minutes out in a yard alone. He’ll get to play with other dogs and that will be good for him-and us. He was coming home from a few days at the other kennel way too wound up from pent-up energy. That just wasn’t a good thing because he’s a bit of a handful sometimes when he is overstimulated from not getting enough exercise. He is a pretty energetic pup, and needs to bleed off a lot of that or else he will run it our inside which isn’t always ideal.

We got the new seed pods for our two AeroGrow gardens and I got them set up. We are growing herbs in one, and tomatoes in the other. I will grow tomatoes on the deck again this year, but it will be full on summer before we see any, so this will give us some before that. Herbs are always useful. I have seen sprouts in most of the herbs now. I hope the others show germination soon. I want TOMATOES!

I can’t believe it is almost April! Where has the year gone already? And why isn’t Spring here yet? It’s been cold again here in MA and I am not pleased. We are looking at some warmer temps this week, but with rain. I hope we get some sunny warm weather soon. I need the sunshine. Gray, gloomy weather is not good for my mood or energy levels. So, come on, Spring- spring!

(Image is my Snowshoe Siamese, Guinness, memed with


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