Monday Musings: April Fool!

I am writing this on Saturday, which is April 1, and, at least here in the US, is known as April Fools Day. It’s a day when people play (harmless) pranks on others to make them seem gullible. It is all in good fun, although, yes. there are times when people take things too far. But we’re going to join in the fun part of the day, because there are some very clever April Fool jokes on the internet every year. Here are a few of my favorites this year:

Google Gnome

Petco DooDoo Drone

And this from Stone Brewing Co.:

New Beer

Those were fun. On the other side of the prank thing, there was the rather nasty April Fool joke Mother Nature played on us here in the Northeast:

Snow 4-1-17

Not nice, Mum. Not at all. And it was wet and heavy and sloppy, since the temps were hovering just at or slightly above freezing. So we got snow, sleet, rain, and a bit more snow. I’m ready for some pretty green now, please!

I got the new versions of “Circle Unbroken” uploaded to all the distributors this week. Don’t worry- nothing major was changed. Just fixed a few errors I found (funny how no matter how carefully everyone checks, you never seem to get them all! They are like software bugs- there always seems to be one more!), and tweaking the back matter a bit to reflect all my published stuff, a new bio (not substantively different from the old one), and the new website. Amazon should have the update available this week, CreateSpace has the paperback ready (so Amazon will, also), and Smashwords should have it live this week, with the other e-book retailers to follow. Again, don’t worry if you have the book- nothing really changed in the story. Next up is the short story collection. It will get the same treatment, with the e-book only stories after that.

I have been working off and on- mostly off- on the cover design for the second urban fantasy story. Still no title I’m happy with, but maybe we’ll do a cover concept reveal in the next couple weeks, okay? Maybe a snippet or two of teaser, as well.

Upcoming fun this week is Friday when I get to go to Odyssey Bookstore in South Hadley MA for John Scalzi’s “Collapsing Empire” tour stop. Also there will be Elizabeth Bear and Scott Lynch. It is also my birthday, so that will be a pretty cool gift I’m giving myself, don’t you think?

Last, let’s all try really hard to think only warm Spring thoughts this week. Maybe we can get it to arrive once and for all!

(Image from


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