Monday Musings: Mid-April and Things Are Moving Along-

Maybe too fast! Too weeks from last Saturday, we are cooking chili again! Yes, that’s right- ChiliCats and Rock’N’Roll Chili will be represented at the New England Regional Chili Cook Off at Pleasant View Golf Center in Somers, CT on May 6. This is a big cook off, with somewhere on the order of 50 or so cooks, music, entertainment, and vendors selling all sorts of crafts and other things. And you get to taste chili. And vote on your favorite to win the People’s Choice Award. (Hint: You will get to taste our chili, and you will thing it is the best!) So, if you are in the New England area, specifically the greater Connecticut area, come on over, under, up, or down to Somers on 5/6, and say hello!

I got the second revision done on the urban fantasy story after getting comments from the first round of readers. I got good feedback, and a few things the needed attention were pointed out. So, now I will need another round of reading. I am asking some first round readers to look at it again, and I would love to have a couple new sets of eyes look at it. Interested? Email me at makropp at gmail dot com for information.

Speaking of which, I am going to be posting some Thursday Teasers from now until it goes live in mid-June (I hope). Bits of the story, the cover reveal when it’s finalized, the title when I figure out what that is… Stuff like that. This is the second in the series, called The Yo-Yo Files, and you can download the first one for free here: Five and Daemon

All of my books have been updated with a new bio, and a new list of available titles in the back matter. If you would like to see what I have available, just look at the end of this blog post! As always, if you do read, or have read, any of them, a review is always appreciated. It really does help an author when readers leave nice reviews. It doesn’t have to be 5 stars, but a nice, honest review is always welcome. And thank you!

The weather has been weird, again! It’s warm and sunny and beautiful one day (like today- Sunday), and chilly and damp and rainy the next. But I did get some flowers planted in the new window box on the front porch so there is some pretty color out there now! I have geraniums, a Gerbera daisy, snapdragons, and, of course, pansies. I love pansies with their little faces in the blossoms! And I got the garden statues out again. Added a hummingbird feeder on the deck feeder pole. Veggies are started indoors for later planting.

Spring has sprung, so let’s all get into the Spring of things, and get out and enjoy this most lovely time of year.

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tn_Circle Unbroken Cover (eBook)

After five years away, Kaili is coming home for the ceremony to install her sister as head of the family business. When an old rivalry threatens the family, Kaili and her partner need to use all their skills to save the sisters’ lives. Learn more here.



tn_Six of One

A collection of six short fantasy stories set in varied worlds of magic and mayhem. Learn more here.




tn_Survival of the Fittest (Front Cover)

A short novelette set in a dystopian Earth after the final environmental collapse. Sam is a genetically engineered chameleon who may hold the key to mankind’s survival. Learn more here.




In a world reeling under the effects of severe climate change, food shortages are common, and arable farmland is scarce. Unscupulous distributors like Beni Oligowma take advantage of the shortages for their own gain. When a promising new technology for growing food even under the harsh conditions is unveiled, grocery store owner Frank is determined to see that everyone is able to benefit from the results, not just the Benis of the world.
Feed My People is a short story, set in a dystopian science fiction world, and is free. Learn more here

Demon hunters Johnny and Cerise travel to the small town of Carroll Fork where they find a demon-possessed thrift store, a sweet old lady who is more than she seems, and an army of underworld inhabitants. Can Johnny and his trusty yo-yo save the town from a devil of a problem?

Five and Daemon is a short novelette in an urban fantasy setting, with elements of the supernatural and humor. It is free to download.
Learn more here