Monday Musings: Flower Power

Yesterday was gorgeous. Sunny and warm, and just the right day for planting the flower boxes and containers for this year. I had some stuff in the front porch box but that was mostly place holders while I figured out what to do for the year.

Last Wednesday, when Steph and I were on our way to the movie, we passed Gove Farm in Leominster where they have their garden center open. The colors in the flats of flowers were so pretty! On Saturday, while the BaldMan and I were out for our weekly errands, we stopped. We might have gotten a little carried away.

car Plants

I planted them yesterday, and in doing so, discovered that the barrel planter I had downstairs was broken, and so we needed a new one. I also needed more soil. So we went to Home Depot to pick up those. And ended up with another small railing box that needed something to plant in it. We made another stop at Gove Farm and picked up coleus for that one. So, on home again, and I finished planting all of it. I think they look pretty nice. And do add a nice bit of color around the townhouse.

Here are some pictures:

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The front railing box is petunias, and vinca. The dark purple petunia is really gorgeous. The hanging basket has Million bells (Calibrachia) in white, orange, and yellow striped with white. The side rail box is coleus. On the deck we have African daisy, marigolds, orange Calibrachia, dahlias, and verbena. In the barrel are geraniums, and two dracaena. Under the shrubs are the leftovers from the place holder plants: Gerbera daisy, snapdragons, and pansies. And on the stairs this year is a Black-eyed Susan vine (Thunbergia). It’s lots of color and texture. I think it looks pretty. All I have to do now is keep them alive, right?


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