Monday Musings: A Nip in the Air, Vacation’s Over, and Football

It has been cooler here in the Northeast lately. I can’t say I am not enjoying it. I am not a fan of extreme weather. I don’t like really hot or really cold. This beginning of Fall cooling from the heat of summer has felt good. I have had windows open and the AC has been on less often. It’s time to think about cleaning out some of the summer flowers that do not appreciate cooler weather, and bring in the mums. Fall decorations will start going up after this weekend. We have a cook off on Saturday, so I will be concentrating on that trip this week. I will bring the basil in today, though. It is already showing signs of the weather getting to it, but basil prefers warm. We will make a batch of pesto from what is on the deck and in the Aerogrow, and use some for dinner. The rest will be frozen for future meals.

My tomatoes have finally started to give me ripe fruits. Yay! We have both yellow and red this year, and all of them have been delicious! Of course, there is no comparison to a tomato right off the vine. I am going to get things going earlier next year. I am. Really. Yes.

We are back to school with the pups tonight. He had a week off because of Labor Day, and it may have been a good thing. He sort of plateaued this week, and didn’t want to/didn’t remember how to do a lot of stuff we’ve been practicing for weeks. It got to the point where I would ask for a sit, and he’d look at me like he’d never heard of that in his entire life. And he’s known the sit command since he was just a few months old. I guess it’s not uncommon for this sort of thing to happen. We have been throwing a lot of new stuff at him over the last 8 weeks, and he may just have needed some time to process. He’s been a bit better the last couple days. This morning, he was great. Kind of glad we didn’t have class last week. With him in that distracted, don’t-want-to-work mood, it could have been a disaster. Hoping he will be good tonight.

Football is back!! Yay! and Yay! We are off to a good start. Two wins yesterday. Both Oakland and Green Bay got it done in this first week. Let’s just hope it stays that way! On the Fantasy front, well, that is whole different story! My poor team did really poorly. But it was partly bad decisions on my part. I didn’t do roster moves that I should have, and that I thought about, but decided against. Oh, well, on to next week, right?

That’s all the excitement from here right now. I know, how do I stand it all, right? Well, hey, I am not complaining! Sometimes, excitement is not the best wish to make.


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