Monday Musings: I Can Haz Good Sound!

The BaldMan spent a good portion of Sunday installing the Sonos Connect and hooking up the Advent speakers in my office. Now I can listen to music (or whatever) without the constant hisssssss hisssss from the stupid speakers I had hooked up to the computer. Iz nice!

It’s October already? Geez, where did September go? I will say that I am glad to see the return of cooler weather- maybe a little too cool for right now, but at least it’s not the hot, humid stuff September decided to go out with. Of course, fall means the oak trees are dropping acorns like stardust. I keep expecting to get beaned by one when I take the dog out to potty.

Since it is getting colder at night, I pulled the hibiscus and herbs off the deck this weekend. The hibiscus went back in the front window where it spent last winter. Wow, it really grew this year! I brought the 3-tier stand we bought for the herbs up here to my office and put them in front of the window that gets good sun for most of the day. Kind of a pain to have to go all the way up to my office for herbs, but I think that’s where they will do best.

Speaking of the dog- he has his last Attention class tonight, and it will be his last class for a while. After talking to folks far more experienced with these things than I, we decided that the class situation is just too triggering for him, and he needs to work on some impulse control first. So, we are setting up a program of desensitizing and counterconditioning in small steps to help him learn to be calm and more in control of himself. We’ll consider a class again once he has better control.

On the writing front, I am still working on the short fiction for the collection I have planned for next year. I am also going to get moving on a Halloween story for this year, so watch for that at the end to the month. And I am planning on doing NaNoWriMo this year. I have missed the past several. I am going to join the ranks of the NaNo rebels and work on something I have already started. It’s my space opera, Deuces Wild, and I only have a couple thousand words written, so that’s almost like starting from scratch, right? And, of course, I will only count the words I write in November toward the goal. Right now, I am working out the plot in more detail, doing character stuff, and assembling it all into the workbook for the story. Because planning for NaNo is okay before November 1.

A few leaves are turning now. The burning bushes are in their full fiery glory. Trees to follow soon, I suppose. Meanwhile, it’s sweaters, hoodies, and long sleeves more often. Must enjoy it while we can. Winter is coming!


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