Monday Musings: A Rough Week

Most extensive apologies for the lack of blogging last week. We are going through a bit of a rough time here. One of our ElderCats, Miss Ginger, is not well. At all. I took her to the vet on 10/19 because she was not eating well and she had a lump on her belly. Turns out it was several tumors in the mammary glands, and most likely is cancer. The vet said it could be not too bad because the tumors were relatively recent, but it’s hard to tell. He did say that one of the first places this will metastasize is the lungs and hers sounded clear. The tumors should go, but she had lost some weight and he didn’t want to do anything until we get her weight back up. So, I took her home and tried to fatten her up again. She rallied a little over that weekend, but it’s been downhill since. She is barely eating anything. She will sniff food, and take a bite or two and then turn away. I’ve tried everything- even boiled some chicken, pureed it with broth and a bit of chicken fat. She doesn’t care about anything. I think she was just really sicker than any of us thought.

She’s 13, so she’s had a good life. But we just lost her mother, Jasmine (14), in early summer. Seeing Ginger like this so soon is tough. But I will do what is best for her. She is a sweet girl, and has the biggest purr you ever heard. I always said she got the V8 purring engine!

I wrote that yesterday. Called the vet this morning and we have an early appointment tomorrow. I gave her some canned food mixed with water along with the kitty vitamins, and she cleaned it up. I have no idea what to think. I just wish these animals weren’t so darn good at hiding it when they don’t feel well! I’ll bring her some more food, and hope she keeps eating. And bring her to the vet in the morning and see what he says.

I really do not like this kind of stress! If you are so inclined, prayers, good thoughts, get well vibes, and any other juju you want to send to Ginger is very much appreciated.

In other news, we had one heck of a storm last night! Pouring rain and windy as all get out. We recorded almost 2.5 inches of rain from midnight until morning. It seems to have moved out for the most part now, but it is still windy out there. I suspect there won’t be a lot of leaves left on the trees after this blows off completely.

I hope we all have a good week!


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