Monday Musings: And She Rose, Blinking, Into the Light

Oh, look- the world is still out there! And all you lovely people, too. Hello! I know I have been MIA for a week or so and I apologize. Our family Thanksgiving was November 17 this year, due to scheduling, which seems to get more interesting every year. We had out of town company, as usual, and the week was busy with catastrophes of epic proportion at every turn. Or so they seemed at the moment. But we managed, as always, and dinner was, again as always, quite a tasty affair.

But. There always seems to be a but, doesn’t there? The BaldMan’s brother-in-law, who was one of the aforementioned out of town guests, gifted us with not only his presence, but the Cold From the Depths of Hades. It began to develop over the weekend, and both the BaldMan and I were flattened by it for Thanksgiving week. I believe I am beginning to recover from the zombie world, which I inhabited for two full days. Well, perhaps not zombie, exactly. I don’t remember any cravings for brains, or much of any sort of food, actually. It was some sort of undead fever, though. I have arisen, and may be able to rejoin the ranks of the living in short order.

Being sick enough to spend most of two days doing not much other than napping on and off, and the rest of the week feeling about as useful and ambitious as a dead stick, means that NaNoWriMo is a no-go for me this year. I am at just over 25K, so about halfway to the goal of 50K. I will continue to work but I fear catching up by the 30th is not happening. However, I am not calling it a “loss”, as such. I have a much better handle on the plot than I did at the beginning of the month, and some ideas how to develop more depth in the story. I also have a good idea on the worldbuilding needed for this one. So, with all that waiting for me, I think I did okay. I will keep going. It will just take a bit longer to finish this draft than I originally planned. But, then, the best laid plans, right?

The other thing that was affected was our planned evening out on Friday, the day after Thanksgiving. We had tickets to see Trans Siberian Orchestra that evening, with excellent third row seats. We haven’t seen them in a few years, and were looking forward to it. It really pained me to have to say I couldn’t, but with the development of some, um, intestinal issues on Friday, I felt it best not to venture out. I also am quite sure the coughing and sniffly nose would not have enhanced the evening for those around me. I also knew I would not appreciate the experience as well as I should. We did manage to sell the tickets (at a deep discount) to a (according to the BalMan) very nice fellow who said he and his wife hadn’t had a night out in six months. I am sure they had a lovely time. As for us, well, we did manage to recover at least a small part of the ticket price, and I am glad the seats didn’t go completely to waste. And TSO will be back next year, so we will try again.

At any rate, it’s back to the real world now. I have to say, it is better than the undead world, hands down. I hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving, and spent it with those you wanted to spend it with. And I sincerely hope your Thanksgiving week was much, much healthier than mine!


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