Tuesday Thoughts: Winter has Arrived

We, along with many other parts of the US, got snow this weekend. We were planning on going to get our Christmas tree on Saturday, but with that being the day of most snowfall, we put it off until the beginning of the week. We got maybe six inches or so. And I see we are probably getting a bit more plus some freezy stuff this week, also. I guess it was bound to happen sometime. I mean, it is Winter, right?

The snow weirds the dog out, for some reason. He’s usually pretty good when I take him out to potty. Walks along very nicely, does his thing, and that’s that. When there is snow on the ground, he leaps aside as if something under there jumped up and bit him, and tries to run circles around me. Which does nothing except get the leash tangled. He can be such an odd critter!

I do wish I’d stuck my camera in my pocket yesterday when I took him out. The snow downed a huge branch from one of the trees in the area I usually take him to potty across the street. It was almost a small sapling in size. And Mr. Lambeau decided that was just the perfect stick for him to have. He tried to grab it and drag it with him. It was amusing watching him trying to get a hold on this big ol’ branch and pull it around.

I have most of the Christmas decorations up now. I think there is just one smallish box left to unpack. And the tree, of course. I started getting ready to put the decorative train figurines I collected while working at JC Penney up here in my office. Things are beginning to look rather festive. The outside decorations have been up for a couple weeks, although I still haven’t found the three big ornaments we hung out there last year. Gotta assume those are in that last box, right?

Next week, I am planning on starting to bake some cookies. Haven’t done that in a few years. I did promise Will I would make some Star Wars cookies and send them to him in England. Next week will be baking week here!

Somehow, a PS4 seems to have ended up on our shopping list last week. I am not at all sure how that happened. I don’t remember putting that on the list. Of course, I wasn’t present when the shopping was actually done, so I can’t be sure it wasn’t added somehow. The reason put forth was that was the only way we could watch both the Packers and the Raiders games on Sunday, since they were playing at the same time. Apparently, the Sunday Ticket app on the PS4 will let you do that. As it turned out, we weren’t really watching both games together. We switched to my Raiders during commercial breaks (which turned out to mostly be commercial breaks over there, too). Anyway, it came with Star Wars: Battlefront II, and the BaldMan has been playing that. I haven’t really tried it yet. I never played much when we had the Nintendo system years ago, and what I did play, I sucked at. But I’ve been collecting recommendations for games and will look into some of them. I know both Carter and Will would do Minecraft (and hopefully help poor Grandma figure it out!).

Thirteen days until Christmas! And then the New Year will be right on its tail. I hope your holiday preparations, whatever holiday you may celebrate, are going well.

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