Monday Musings: We Got Snow!

Like most of the area, we had a doozy of a winter storm here yesteday. Snowed pretty much all day, with lots of wind and drifting. The official snow  total here is 13.5″, but I think we got a bit more up here on the hill. The dog was rather unhappy about the whole affair. He doesn’t like snow or rain. He is not overly fond of the cold, and he really does not care for snow being blown in his face. Add to that the field where he usually does his potty business was snowed in and he couldn’t get to his usual spots, and he was less than pleased with the whole affair. Which made me less than pleased as well, because he wasn’t exactly speedy  about choosing new spots. At least they ran the snowblower into the field and cleared a nice big spot today.

It is still quite cold out there, with wind chills in the below zero numbers. It looks like the weather may ease a bit early  next week, and we may get some rain. And by easing, I mean we will get into positive double digit temps, possibly  hitting 30 F. It will feel like a heat wave! (Sort of.)

We were off to CT on Sunday for a chili cook off. Chief Judge and Scorekeeper, of course. This is  the now pretty much annual Chili For Life event that targets a local person who needs a little extra help. It’s been done for an injured veteran who needed housing help, a little girl with cancer, and this year, for a boy with seizures. It’s a pretty low-key event and is a positive thing to start off the new year.

I am in the end stages of the latest cold. Still stuffy, but I feel at least decent and have some energy back. What I hate about the end of a cold for me is the scratchy throat. I get these dry feeling patches in the back of my throat that cause coughing fits. Nothing seems to help except just coughing through it. It’s not fun, but at least I know we’re heading for the wire.

A whole week into the new year, and really, it mostly feels like the old one. At least to me. Not much has changed drastically, and that is fine with me. I hope it at least stays like this. Although I would not refuse an up trend, either. I hope your new year has started well!

(The picture is from last year, but that’s pretty much what it looked like this year, too!)


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