Monday Musings: It’s So God-damn Cold, It’s Gonna Snow Until June

Of course, that is a quote from Jimmy Buffett’s Mañana, but it sure is appropriate these days. It’s past the middle of March, and this morning when I came downstairs, the weather station was reading 11 degrees with a “feels like” temperature of 4. That’s just not fair to those of us who muster our way through Winter, anticipating the warmer temperatures on the way. I keep hoping those temps are really on the way! At least, we seem to have ducked the bullet on the storm that might have been headed our way this week.

We got our raised garden box this week. Of course, I have no idea when I’ll be able to put it out there and grow stuff. It does have a greenhouse cover, but there’s also still snow out there, too. I do have some seeds started but I am afraid some of the cool weather things I wanted to grow won’t get a chance, because I’ll have to transplant the warm weather stuff. Or else I’ll be growing it all in the basement!

We started back to using Lose It! this week, also. The BaldMan is supposed to increase his fiber intake after his recent colonoscopy, but he also has to watch carbs/sugars. And we both could stand to lose some weight. I took the dog for a good mile and a little bit walk today, despite the cold just to get a little more activity in. Some warm weather would be nice for that, too!

Work progresses on the first revision of Two’s Company. I am through five chapters now with corrections, adding in details and subplots, and fleshing out some of the plot a bit more. The fun part is that I don’t really know how many chapters I have left to go, since I am rearranging those, as well. While I wrote the draft, I didn’t pay really close attention to where I broke the chapters. I just started a new one when I felt it was a good time. The problem is that now, I have some that are really short, and some that are really, really long. So, I am trying to even that out a little. Not that all chapters need to be the same length, but going from barely over a thousand words to six or seven thousand seems a bit uneven. Rough guess is maybe twenty or so, which is not a bad number, really. It’s not been too bad, although I have identified a few things I will need to address in the next pass.

So that’s been my week. Let’s all think really hard about nice warm Spring weather!


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