Tuesday Thoughts: Got To Move These Refrigerators

But, alas, no color TVs. Actually, that’s probably a good thing!

We decided we needed to get a real refrigerator in the basement. We had a conversion thingie on the smaller of the two freezers that was supposed to keep it at refrigerator temps, but it didn’t work all that well. It was either too warm or some stuff froze. We don’t need two freezers anymore, so we are going to sell the small one. We found a fridge on Craigslist not too far away, and were supposed to get it Sunday morning.

Of course, we overslept and rushed out the door to get to the home where it was, only to pull up in front of the house and get a text that they had to go out and would let us know when they were back. Headed home, and the BaldMan was just about to make breakfast when the guy called. We needed to be there by noon. We did have time to eat, and we headed back out. Got there, and the fridge is nice, but still loaded with their food. They emptied it and the guys wrestled it on the appliance dolly we rented, only to find it wouldn’t fit out the back door. Tried the front. Same deal. Tried several things, including taking the freezer handle off, and ended up taking both doors off. Which, of course, meant most of the shelves and stuff had to come out so they wouldn’t just fall out. Finally got it out of the apartment and into the van. Headed home.

We wanted to know how big it was, but none of the labeling on it had that information. Looked it up, and it turned out to be not only bigger but also about ten years newer than the one that was in the townhouse when we moved here. It’s also nicer. Solid glass shelving instead of stupid wire shelves. Bottom freezer so the fridge part is more convenient. More options for spacing shelving. So, we decided to swap the two, and put the one that was here in the basement as the second fridge. Which meant that not only did we have to wrestle the new one into the house, we had to drag the old one out and around back so we could put it in the basement. Thank heaven we have a slider out from the basement in back at ground level! But the BaldMan wanted to get it all done while we had the appliance dolly.

It was a big project, and what was supposed to be a run out to get the fridge, and dump it in the basement, turned into an all day project. I just hope that the next time our maintenance head guy is in here, we don’t get grief for doing it. Can’t really see why they would object, since the new one fits perfectly where the old one was (fridges are like that unless you get one of those giant things). We didn’t modify the townhouse at all, just moved appliances around. And if we did move out someday, we would just put the old fridge right back where it was.

We were exhausted by the end of it all, but I really like the new fridge. And I just couldn’t see keeping the old, dated one in the kitchen and putting a much more modern version in the basement. My arms are sore and the BaldMan has some nasty bruises on his arms from the things resting on them while he was maneuvering the dolly. But we’re up and running and it’s good.

Oh, and there was no MTV, either, whether I wanted it or not!


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