Monday Musings: New Toys, Spring Has Sprung (I Hope), and My Dumb Writing Mistake

We finally got some decent weather at the end of the week. Saturday was sunny and mid-50’s, and the week is supposed to be nice pretty much straight through. The raised garden box is out and full of dirt with the greenhouse cover over it. I put some of the started cool weather plants (still in their pots) in it for planting on Sunday. And I will get the seeds in that need to start now. We may see some greens and such yet!

I’m getting used to my new Pixel 2. I still have a little trouble typing on it sometimes, but it’s getting better. I basically like it. Still trying out versions some of the apps I needed to replace to find ones I like, but it’s only a few. Oh, and it works quite nicely as a phone, too! LOL

I also got a new computer. It’s a tiny thing and fits nicely on the back of my desk. I find it amazing that the little box up there at the top of this post is faster and better than my tower was!

Keeping with my long-time theme of naming my devices after characters from Katherine Kurta’s Deryni series, this on is Jebediah of Alcara, a good, noble fellow to have helping me out up here. It was pretty painless to set up and I was happy with that.

I had a little writing hiccup a week or so ago. I lost the current copy of my WIP. Still not sure what I did, but I didn’t have the revised copy I had been working on any more. I was about nine chapters in and had added almost 10K words. But I do work off a printed copy, so I did have all the notes and changes still there. I just needed to redo them. And then I found a text copy of a version that had a lot of the changes, and a few other things, already done. So, it has been just comparing the two, fixing what I needed to, and catching up. Which I did. And now, I am back to where I was before the dumb thing happened. Puts me behind a bit, yes, and I have had to redo the project schedules for the next few months, but, hey, stuff happens. Which I can say now. Then, it was a different story!

Wait, what’s that you ask? Backups? Oh, sure, those. Well, we do back stuff up on all the computers every night. So, why wasn’t that file in the current backups? As it turns out, you have to make the file (it’s on my Google drive) available to be backed up first. Heh. It is now, trust me. And is exported to a separate file on my computer and on a thumb drive every day when I quit working on it. Oh, yeah, it was dumb. I admit that. But I got things back on track, and I feel good about that much, anyway.

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