Monday Musings: I Yam Who I Yam

First, Happy Memorial Day to everyone in the USA. Amidst all the fun, bbq, and family, try to pause for just a moment and give at thought to those we honor today. Many of us have a veteran or two in our families and many have lost loved ones in the service, but even if you don’t, a silent thank you (or a verbal one, if you have the opportunity) to those who fought and gave their lives to protect our freedom and right to live in a free country is more than appropriate.

I got my DNA test results last week. The major breakdown is:

49% Ireland/Scotland/Wales

15% Europe West

13% Scandinavia

8% Great Britain

If you look a bit deeper into the results, the Irish side connects to the Connacht region of Ireland. Most of the relations I have found for that side of the family come from County Mayo or County Leithim, both of which are in Connacht, so that raises my confidence in those being right. The Europe West puts the German side right where I am finding family members in Germany near the Switzerland and Leichtenstein borders. Great Britain? Well, it’s only 8% and if you go back far enough, all of those UK areas were populated by the same groups. And I am assuming the Scandinavia part just means I am part Asgardian.

Work progresses on the space opera. First revision should be done this week, and then a read through. After that, hoping to get it to a couple beta readers for critique. And then back to work on a second revision. (I am not vain enough to think I won’t need that!) I am thinking that, with luck, this one may be ready to go for December. Just don’t hold me to that just yet. The schedule has already been revised, but I am going to try to hit this one.

I guess that’s about all for now. Warm weather is in full swing, and I am enjoying every minute of it!


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