Monday Musings: Weekend Doings

We had a nice, relaxing weekend. Saturday was grocery shopping and errands, as usual. This week, it seemed to go by quickly. Not needing a whole lot at the grocery stores helped, of course. We also picked up some gardening supplies, and a few more plants.

I had to replace one of the calabrachia in the hanging basket on the front porch because of poor drainage in the basket. Poor plant drowned. The others in both baskets were looking a mite poorly, but the BaldMan drilled a couple extra holes in the bottom of the baskets so they should be good now. Water started draining out right away, so they really did need more than just the one drip spot. Those baskets do get some runoff from the roof when it rains, so it’s not really surprising they needed a bit more drainage.

I had ordered some plastic bag hanging planters a short time ago, so we got some flowers for one of those. I got pretty pink double impatiens. I’m going to hang them, if they are not too heavy, on the front door. They should do well, since the door really doesn’t get much sun at all. I think I will use a couple more next year to grow strawberries. I took out the dead calabrachia from the hanging basket and replaced it, planted the hanging bag, put a fresno pepper plant in the veggie box, and finally got to repotting the hibiscus in its new, bigger pot. That poor thing was so root bound! But it keeps growing quite nicely and should do even better now. I also replaced the pots on the herb stand with ones that have better drainage for those plants, as well. The pots I had were the type that collect extra water in a small reservoir to help keep the plants from drying out, but, as with the baskets out front, they were holding too much water at times, and the plants were drowning. The only ones that were fine with it were the mints. They don’t mind a lot of water since they will grow in boggy soil. Everyone should be happier now.

Sunday was a pretty laid back day. I did all the gardening stuff above on Sunday. It took a while, but I find most gardening chores relaxing. Except weeding. I hate weeding, but with all containers now, I don’t get many weeds. The BaldMan smoked a pork loin for dinner and it was delicious! I made a blender full of frozen margaritas and we just chilled on the deck for the evening.

It was a good weekend. Back to the revision cave now, but after a chill, relaxing weekend, I am ready!


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2 thoughts on “Monday Musings: Weekend Doings

  1. I’m in South Florida. I have a lovely big hibiscus growing in the earth at the foot of a palm. It came with the house, and I was largely indifferent to it during the home purchase. I’m still learning the microclimates of this yard, but my friend the Tree Whisperer tells me that the hibiscus is in the wrong place. He wants to remove it, and plant a new one in a better spot. Since moving here, though, I’ve quietly fallen in love with the hibiscus. I pick a single blossom daily, to repose in a test tube vase by my kitchen sink. This one plant displays large blossoms of various colors, so very different that I wonder if it might be grafted. From my window now I see deep scarlet, salmon, orange, all in a single blazing color-mad shrub. I think this hibiscus gets to stay right where it is.


    1. Oh, that sounds lovely! Mine is all deep red blossoms, but they are so pretty. It lives on the deck during the summer and moves indoors for our Massachusetts winters. I think I would leave yours right where it is, also. It sounds like it is quite happy there.


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