Monday Musings: Achievement Unlocked- Revision One Finished!

I finally finished the first revision on Two’s Company, the sci-fi space opera novel I have been working on this year. As of right now, I am planning on releasing it in December. I’ll be telling you more about it, and blogging some excerpts in future weeks. As we get closer to December, there might even be some fun stuff going on. Here’s a little more about the story itself:

Medusa “Deuce” Grainger left StarForce Academy after being accused of murdering her roommate. She cleared her name, but the incident left her with no love for the military life she thought she’d wanted, and a lot of anger toward her father, a general in the Force. Since then, she’s been a freelance shuttle jockey, using the ship she stole from her father’s personal fleet, along with the artificial intelligence Personality, JJ, who helped her prove her innocence. Now working primarily for HunterForm, a small independent terraforming company, Deuce is helping the company’s owner collect evidence that a large ‘forming company is trying to drive the smaller ones out of business.

On a stealth mission to record some evidence, Deuce and her ship are attacked. They manage to escape, but the other ship isn’t so lucky. Before the attacking ship crashes, JJ downloads their Personality into his system to save her from being destroyed. When they get back to HunterForm, Deuce finds that the evidence she recorded has been erased, JJ is acting oddly, and the new Personality, Sheila, is a little too eager to help out. When there is fatal trouble at a high stakes terraforming job HunterForm in overseeing, it’s up to Deuce to figure out what’s going on, and just how Sheila fits into the picture. Along the way, she reconnects with an old friend and discovers someone is following her. Deuce will need to connect all the dots fast, because more lives are at stake than anyone suspects.

I’m in the process of reading through the whole thing again to fix some minor issues, and make sure it at least appears to make sense. Then, it will, I hope, go off to a couple of beta readers for critique.

Next month, I will start working with an artist on a cover. Stay tuned for more information as we move through the rest of Summer.


Coming in December 2018: Two’s Company, a sci-fi novel in the space opera tradition. Artificial intelligence, corporate plots, spaceships, a heroine with an attitude. More details soon!

Available now :

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