Tuesday Thoughts: Begin the Chili Season!

Yep, we had the first of the chili cook offs we are helping out at this past weekend. We were in Arlington, VT. Vermont is such a pretty state, so the drive is quite lovely. We’ve had a long time off since our last cook off last year, but now we are heading into a stretch of almost constant weekends where we will be off to play Chief Judge and Scorekeeper.

We do get to take Lambeau to this one, and he gets to stay in a hotel overnight. The cook off is held in conjunction with the Arlington Fire Department’s carnival, so turn in times are late, with red chili (the last event) being judged at 6 PM. We added Homestyle this year, and that gets judged early so the cooks can then serve the rest of that chili as their People’s Choice.What that means is that it’s a long and tiring day, and we don’t make the drive home after it. We stay at a very lovely and dog friendly hotel, the Harwood Hill Motel. They have really cool grounds. They bring in artwork and sculptures from artists in the local area and some nearby states and display it in the rooms and on the grounds. All of the art is for sale. It’s a great concept and makes for interesting walks because a lot of the stuff is different every year.

As for Mr. Lambeau, he had a great time. People love him, and he loves everyone, so he gets a lot of attention and fussing over. There were three kids who were especially happy to come and pet him and fuss over him. I took him out with them for a while and they tossed his toy for him to run and fetch. He was a good boy. A little jumping, but most people were good about not letting him get away with it. He was good in the hotel room, too. A little confused, I think, because we don’t stay overnight for most of the cook offs he goes to, but he did okay. There’s a dog park just a short distance up the road from the hotel, so he got some time there, too.

I got a new smartwatch last week. It’s a Fossil Q Venture, and it’s pretty! Rose gold case and band, with tiny crystal accents around the dial and on the band. I wanted one that would be a fully functional smartwatch as well as looking nice. So many of them look like sports watches, which is fine for every day wear, but I wanted something that would look nice when I am dressed up, too. This fits both nicely. It’s big, but the round face is a better look on my wrist than the square ones, I think. And it is a bit on the heavy side, but I find I don’t really notice it anymore.

So far, I like it. It was blowing through the battery pretty quickly the first couple days, but after reading up a bit, I changed a few settings and it seems to be doing much better now. I’m still learning how to use it and some things are still a bit confusing, but I am sure that is just getting used to it. I do like the fact that I don’t have to dig my phone out of my pocket or purse every time I get an email or text message. And if I don’t have pockets (curse you, designers of women’s clothing!), I don’t miss my steps because I have to put my phone down to do something.

I had to run string from the deck railing down to the cucumber box for the vines to climb on. They outgrew the trellis around the box so quickly, and are almost to the level of the deck now. I will be picking cucumbers from the deck before long! The tomatoes are getting huge as well, and have lots of green tomatoes on them. I keep looking for signs of ripening! I picked a bowl full of kale last night from the boxes under the lights in the basement. It’s nice having fresh picked produce right here. And it’s yummy!

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