Tuesday Thoughts: It’s Raining, It’s Pouring

As Hurricane (now Tropical Depression) Florence winds her way up the coast on her way to finally fizzling out, we are feeling the effects here in New England. Nowhere near what the Carolinas and Virginia experienced, but it is raining pretty darn good out there right now. It looks like this is what we will see for the whole day. It was much worse in the southern US, of course, but all day rain is not a whole lot of fun, wherever you are. Well, I suppose if you are in one of the areas experiencing a drought, you might actually be glad of an all day rain. See? There’s an upside to everything.

We had a really nice weekend. We were in the New Haven, CT area for a chili cook off. It’s one of our favorites and it was a pretty good event, once again. The weather was good, if a little warm, and public turn out was steady. And that is good for the charity, in this case the Emergency Food Pantry of the Community Action Agency.

We went down to New Haven- well, Branford, actually, since that is where our hotel is- on Friday. We always stay at the same hotel. It’s nice to do that, since the owners now know us. They have a beautiful vegetable garden out in back of the hotel, and always tell us to go and take whatever we want! That evening, we went to Nataz, a restaurant we discovered years ago. It’s really, really good, and the people who run the place are just so very nice. We had a long talk with both the chef and his daughter about chili, and, like so many people, he says he makes the best chili around. And he gave us a container of it to take home! LOL

How is it, you ask? Well, we are having it for dinner tonight, but did taste a bit. It’s good, but it isn’t competition quality. Needs more chili powder and cumin for that. But that’s common in many chilis. And we are looking for very specific things in a competition pot. From just that one taste, I would say that if that were on a buffet table, I would most certainly eat it! If it were on a competition table for traditional Red, I would have to pass on placing it. It would probably do very well in Homestyle, though.

We also discovered a really good pizza place on Saturday night after the cook off. We just wanted a nice, relaxing, relatively quick dinner someplace we could sit and relax with a few drinks and a nice pizza. We found Capone’s. Nice place, nice people, really good pizza. Another place that will be a regular.

We came home on Sunday, via another regular place for us: Sarah’s On Main in Portland, CT. Breakfast time! They have some unique specials every time we are there. The food is fresh, not fancy, and always good.

So, there- if you are ever in the New Haven, CT area, you have three places to check out!

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