Monday Musings: In The Mood

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Or maybe better to say in a mood. Which I was yesterday. It wasn’t necessarily a good one. There wasn’t a real reason for it, other than I didn’t sleep well Saturday night. But not sleeping well isn’t unusual, so I don’t think that was the biggest thing.

I suppose it wouldn’t surprise anyone to hear that it was the internet that was pissing me off, either. There was the chili group, where some were whining about a few rules changes. Not that everyone’s complaints were unfounded. There are some things that I don’t think have been done well, but a lot of the complaining was of the “But that’s not how we’ve always done it” sort. Which I find rather silly. Just because things haven’t changed in a long time, doesn’t mean they shouldn’t. Anyway, I added my thoughts and was told that since I am not an active cook anymore, my opinions were not much more than amusing. Now, I admit, it was only one person, but still. And I didn’t see that person giving the same pronouncement to others in the same situation. So, I just said I would endeavor to not have opinions in the future. Which was treated as a joke. I just walked away at that point.

Next up was the person who posted a meme and said that since it was their wall and their opinion, they didn’t want any mean, rude, or sarcastic comments from those who don’t agree. Now, I support that statement. Of course, you are free to post any damn fool thing you want in your space, and to expect people to either disagree politely or simply ignore it. BUT- the meme they posted was mean, rude, and sarcastic to those with whom the poster doesn’t agree. I wanted to add a comment that said: Double standard much? But I didn’t because I would have gotten scolded for being mean and rude.

And there was another little thing later in the day that probably got me more upset than I should have been. It was also electronic world related.

Now, I don’t mean to say that the whole day was rotten. I did get a lot of time in on the aquarium and it looks so much better now. Lots of thinning and trimming of the plants and the fish have more room to swim. The shrimp are out and about a bit more, as well, so maybe they will get to work on the algae that’s left. And we had a very nice Greek salad for dinner. There was supposed to be lamb breast to go with it, but that didn’t work out so well. Usually, I like lamb but I don’t know if it was the cut or the cooking method (new recipe) that did it, but it wasn’t a pleasant thing. But a big, fat, Greek salad is a good thing. And the dog will get some lamb.

I seem to be in a better mood this morning, but I have only been online long enough to post this, so we’ll see. Heh, heh.