Tuesday Thoughts: At Least the Heat Wave is Over

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It was hot over the weekend. Hot, hot, hot. Air temps in the mid to high nineties, humidity, and heat index over 100. Good days to stay inside where the air conditioning works. We did run our usual errands on Saturday, but grocery stores are usually cold. I need to bring a sweater. Yesterday and today have been rainy and gloomy. Where’s the nice summer days??

On Sunday, we took a drive to a brewing supply store. The BaldMan needed some bits and bobs for the brewery. He didn’t find the parts he needed, but did get hops and yeast for his first batch of beer once the last few things are finished up downstairs. And the place has a taproom where they serve their own beer. So, of course, we had to sit and try a few, right? Not a whole lot in my wheelhouse, but the BadMan did a flight. A number of sours which I am not a fan of, and some dark beers. Again, not my favorite. But the ales I did try were pretty good. Oh, and the bartender took one of my cards to check out my books. We will likely go back.

In that vein, we decided we should try to get to some more of the craft brewers that are around. We’ve been to a few, but they are popping up everywhere these days. We started making a list. Holy hops! There are a lot of them, just in our immediate area. This will keep us busy for a while.

The garden is doing well. There are zucchini growing, tomatoes are getting bigger, and the lettuces are still hanging in there, though they are nearly done. I pulled the rest of the arugula and mizuna and tossed it into the woods for the bunnies. Those had gone to flower so much, they were getting really bitter. The beans are flowering, so we should start to see those growing. Peppers are doing well, also. I just hope all this hard rain hasn’t flattened too much of it!

And we’re back into the regular week now. I hope your weekend was a good one, and if you were in that brutal heat, I hope you managed to stay cool!