It’s that time of year again. Everyone is celebrating something. Whether it is a religious holiday for you, or just a time to enjoy friends and family, and the changing seasons, everyone has something. Kids are out of school for a bit, lots of folks have time off from work, and there are lights, trees, decorations, and music everywhere. Let’s take some time to enjoy it!

I hope that whatever and whenever you celebrate, you have a joyful, loving, fun-filled time. A bit of indulgence, be it food, drink, or both, is in order. Remember to take some time for yourself, too. Go get a massage, if that’s your thing. Take a walk in the winter (at least here) wonderland and marvel at the beauty. Or just sit back in your favorite chair, grab your soft blanket, a cup of tea or hot chocolate or whatever you fancy, and relax. Smile more. Say hello to everyone. Be kind. Be happy.

A new year is just about upon us, as is the beginning of a new decade. Let’s make it a better one for all of us.

Thank you for reading my ramblings here. I appreciate all of you.


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