Monday Musings: So, This is January, Right?

I am sitting here in my living room, with windows open and the outdoor temperature is 65 degrees F. I checked the calendar. Yep, it’s January 11. We were supposed to have rain along with the warm temps, but that seems to have passed us by in favor of sun and clouds. It is supposed to be decent, though not as warm, most of the week. We head back to more seasonable temps at the end of next week. At least I can get the house aired out a bit.

On the writing front, I have the formatting all finished for The Demon’s in the Details. That will get uploaded to all the distribution/sales sites this week to be sure it has passed all the checks and test and is ready to go on the 20th. This, in case you missed previous postings, is the third in my Yo-Yo Files series. I still chuckle a bit every time I type that, because the first story (Five and Daemon) was supposed to be a stand alone. I didn’t intend for it to become a series. I just liked the characters and had a few ideas pop into my head, so here we are. Three down and a few more (at least) to go.

As for new work, well. I had been working on an idea I had for a YA fantasy, but it seems to be a bit stalled at the moment. I have the basic plotline worked out. It’s grown from an idea I had a while back and I think it should work for this. The problem I am having is the narrator’s voice. I have written a few sections, and rewritten them. One set sounds too much like a younger voice, more middle grade. The other seems too adult. I suspect it’s probably better to go in the more adult direction, but these are still teenagers, so I’m not sure if it’s too grown up or not. Any YA authors out there with advice?

I started putting all the Christmas stuff away this week. I am a Twelfth Night person, and leave the decorations up until then. It takes a decent of amount of time to put it all up, and I just don’t understand the people who are in such a rush to put it all away on December 26. I started in the living room and got most of the Santas put away. I also got the tree taken down. The lights stopped being lit on Monday. With the nice weather, I got the solar decorations pulled out of the ground in front, too. I’m not in a big hurry to get the rest done. I like Christmas stuff but I will have it done this week.

My 2020 reading has started well. I am just about halfway through an 800 page giant and I am also listening to an audiobook. If I can keep this up, I might even make my 29 book goal this year. Fingers crossed!

That’s what’s going on around here. A pretty good start to the year, I think.


The third story in my urban fantasy series the Yo-Yo Files will be available on January 20 Until then, the second story in the series, Snake’s Alivewill be free on Smashwords. Five and Daemon, the first in the series is also available. 

Urban fantasy like the above not your thing? Well, I have science fiction and more traditional fantasy stories available, as well. Look here for all the deets on the above series and the rest of my published stories.