Monday Musings: How Does Your Garden Grow?

This year? Not so great. We started the gardening year during the main part of the COVID-19 lockdown, so we weren’t going anywhere. Which meant that getting in things like planting medium and other yearly needs was put off for a bit. I did start some of the vegetables indoors as usual, but I had a round of something clipping the leaves off the seedlings right after they sprouted, so I had to restart them. Add in some really lousy, cold, wet, un-Spring-like weather, and things stalled for a bit. All in all, I figure I am a good 2-3 weeks behind this year.

I do have the tomato, cucumber, and zucchini boxes planted, as well as a few things in the big 8×2 raised box. I didn’t do a lot of cool weather stuff, but we did get a few radishes, with more to come. I hope. I don’t have the best luck with radishes, and I have no idea why. They are generally one of the easiest things to grow, but mine never seem to develop. They just grow lots of leaves and the root stays skinny and not radish-y.

I am trying to get my green beans started but the chipmunks and squirrels are getting to the seeds before they sprout. I have them covered now, so hoping that helps. We did well with beans last year.

I did all the herbs in window boxes this year. They are still on the tiered shelf unit on the deck, but not in individual pots. I had a bunch of the short boxes and since they are self=watering, I decided to use those this year. And I started most from seeds. The only things I didn’t were parsley because it can take forever to sprout, and thyme because I couldn’t find thyme seeds when I was ordering.

I also put in a garden at the front edge of the short wall we built last year for the tomato and cucumber boxes. I have mostly perennials in there, with a couple annuals to fill in. I would like to eventually make it all perennials. And mostly things that will attract butterflies and bees.

So, yeah, a bit behind this year, but at the least, we should have a few different tomatoes, cukes, zucchini maybe, and beans. Plus some pretty flowers in front and back. I’ll take it!


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