Reading 2021

As usual, I am going to recap my reading year for 2021. Every year, I set a goal of a certain number of books I want to read in that year. If I make that goal, I add one for the next year. I had a goal of 30 books in 2021, and I did make it. I track my reading with the Goodreads Reading Challenge.

Total Books Read: 30

Books by Genre:

(Note that the total numbers add up to more than 30, but that is because some books fall into more than one category. For example, Mystery and Romance, Fantasy and Short Stories, etc. And every one is either Fiction or Non-Fiction)

Fiction: 22

Non-Fiction: 8

Memoir/Autobiography: 5

Science Fiction: 6

Fantasy: 11

Romance: 1

Mystery: 4

Short Stories (Collection): 1

Food: 1

Metaphysical: 1

Self Help: 1

Audiobook: 1

A few random stats (generated by Goodreads, so I make no claim as to their accuracy!)

Total pages read: 8,799

Shortest book: 62 pages

Longest book: 567 pabes

Average: 293 pages

Most popular on Goodreads: Eragon

Least popular on Goodreads: Sleepwalking Backwards (Note: It was good)

My average rating: 3.8 stars

I have been trying to read more non-fiction in the last few years, and I have been doing better. I still read more fiction, and my main categories are Scifi and Fantasy, and probably always will be. Still, I am adding a few different things in there, scattered as they may be.

And that’s my past year’s reading. On to 2022, and a goal of 31 books!


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